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The BokSmart rugby safety programme broke new ground on Friday with the launch of the online version

The BokSmart rugby safety programme broke new ground on Friday with the launch of the online version of the BokSmart 6 Rugby Safety course, as part of the new overarching BokSmart Certification Software Ecosystem currently under construction.

This landmark moment for the programme is a product of the recent sponsorship agreement with SportsCap – the official software partner of BokSmart – and is part of the end-user facing MyBokSmart app ( The MyBokSmart app now enables coaches, referees, medical staff, players, administrators, and all other role players to complete the national rugby safety course online, which is not only conducive to a safer playing environment, but also extends the reach of the programme and offers participants the convenience of completing their certification anytime and from anywhere. Registrations for the MyBokSmart app opened in March, and to date 1370 people have registered. This next step in the process will see coaches, referees and all other stakeholders complete their certifications and recertifications online, in line with SA Rugby’s safety regulations and protocols. “This is an exciting time for SA Rugby and the BokSmart programme,” said SA Rugby CEO Jurie Roux. “Ensuring that our players are as safe as possible on the field is not only of paramount importance, but it is also non-negotiable. “The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly fast-tracked how we adapt to and conduct business in the digital age, and we are delighted to see all the hard work done by the BokSmart team and SportsCap over the last year, reach this significant point. “I urge all coaches, referees, medical staff, players and all other rugby stakeholders to register on the app. I also encourage them to make full use of its functionality as the MyBokSmart offering grows and develops over the next few years, so that we can collectively ensure that our players at all levels of the game remain safe on the field of play.” Dr Wayne Viljoen, SA Rugby Senior Manager for Rugby Safety, was equally delighted with this momentous milestone for the BokSmart programme and said: “The launch of MyBokSmart and the BokSmart 6 course now being available online, is a massive step forward for us. “We were forced to think out of the box when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and having been part of this journey from the conceptualisation phase to the launch this week, has been nothing short of incredible. “The future benefits of the MyBokSmart app are countless, but one of the biggest advantages is that the participants will have the luxury of completing their certification in their own time and wherever they may be, which have been big barriers in the past. It can even be done on your smartphone. “A few other advantages include being able to review, confirm and control personal details online, which will simplify things even further for the participants.” Viljoen added: “We launched an ambitious campaign a few years ago called #VisionZero, which is a collaborative effort between all rugby stakeholders to work towards attaining the ultimate goal of achieving sustainable interventions, and Zero catastrophic injuries or events in South African rugby union. We believe the MyBokSmart app and its ease of use will contribute to this objective.” SportsCap Managing Director Dale Toy said: “We are really proud to have contributed towards getting BokSmart into the digital space, and just in time to join in on the excitement of amateur rugby returning to play. “We believe the MyBokSmart app is not only going to help BokSmart continue with their mission towards achieving #VisionZero, but will also be the foundation of some really exciting new things in the future.”

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