Most software application stacks used by sports organisations, consist of multiple tools and often from different suppliers, called vendor applications.


Whilst this isn't an issue in itself due to the specific functionality that these applications provide, it does however create certain barriers that can prevent organisations from evolving and scaling without the required skills and expertise to make these systems more collaborative.

Here are some issues that you might experiencing within your sports organisation:




There are many ways we can assist in overcoming the stumbling blocks mentioned . The goal is to eventually have a system that is driven by the business itself and not reliant on external applications.

We can:

  • Create systems to replace existing vendor applications.


  • Create new systems where none currently exist.


  • Create a layer that sits on top of your existing vendor applications that can allow data to be shared between applications



At first it might not be feasible to rip and replace everything at once due to existing licensing agreements and dependency on certain systems, but with SportsCap as your software partner, together we can find the optimal path and roadmap to achieve the eventual goal.



Vendor applications have been built with the broader sports industry in mind, this means their functionality might not fit your own internal processes and procedures. You might end up changing your processes to fit within their functionality.


Some of these vendor applications contain so much functionality that it not only bleeds over into different areas of the business causing duplication, but of all the functionality available, you probably only need 10% of it. However you pay a premium for the whole set.


Some vendor applications sit within their own silos making sharing, collaborating and collating information very difficult. This causes multiple versions of the same information in different applications which causes massive problems when information needs to be updated or collated holistically.


More often than not, vital information resides on an individual's device or cloud account. When they leave, all that information is either lost or difficult to find. Also, when staff use their own systems it is difficult and time consuming to find a suitable replacement and upskill them which is time and money lost.

The best decision is to evolutionise, the rewards speak for themselves. 




We offer an obligation free proof of concept on a specific area of the business where a custom solution's value can be experienced in a concrete way.

This will allow a client to see, touch and interact with something tangible and see the value first hand. i.e. first piece of the puzzle.



Once our client has seen the value our custom solutions can provide, discussions start around what the big picture could look like. 

This includes but not limited to new systems, replacing old systems, moving to the cloud, integrating with existing applications etc.



We use a budget as opposed to a quote for many reasons but mainly because it allows for flexibility in the project plan and speed of the deliverables. 

It allows for the big picture to be broken down over a desirable time period to ensure that the vision is both financially viable and technologically stable.



Once the budget has been approved we put the road map together. The roadmap is a guide of the order of systems that need to be built to attain the big picture vision. 

This is a living document but it is the blueprint for moving forward and gives everyone an idea in terms of what to expect.


"I have worked closely with Dale Toy, Managing Director of SportsCap, for over 10 years now. Dale has walked a long way with me on the BokSmart National Rugby Safety programme journey, since its very early days.  He was instrumental in setting up and maintaining our initial BokSmart Certification System software and database, and also in developing our previous BokSmart PlayerCap software. The BokSmart PlayerCap software was used nationally for auditing review purposes of all coaches and referees. The many years of working alongside each other on this, has culminated in a sponsorship agreement being reached in 2020 between SA Rugby and SportsCap. SportsCap is now the Official Software Partner of BokSmart, and this has come about largely due to Dale’s tireless personal investment in backing our exceptionally ambitious target of #VisionZero, aiming for Zero catastrophic rugby injuries or events in South African Rugby Union. I can only talk highly of Dale and his enthusiastic approach to get things done within a realistic time-frame, and to always try and keep the end-user in mind. He has more recently developed our BokSmart Certification Software Ecosystem (BCSE), which is fast becoming an essential item for our programme operations, and has moved us rapidly into the digital space. " - Dr Wayne Viljoen, Senior Manager: Rugby Safety at the South African Rugby Union